Daily Research 23 February 2015

Mixed Positive Market.

S2 S1 IDX R1 R2
5,337 5,374 5,400.1 5,425 5,450
  • Dow Jones closed positive which followed by Asian bourses this morning. Optimism on the approval of 4-month Greek bailout extension by European
    authorities sends positive energy this morning.
  • IDX closed above its strong diagonal resistance. But evening doji star on its candlestick signaled the market need a correction as investors tend to realize profits.
  • In all we predict IDX to trade mixed with positive tendency, driven by market optimism, as foreign investors keep book net purchases.

Daily Research:


Sell on strength

S2 S1 Level R1 R2
500 515 535 550 570

PWON still continued the upside movement also supported by high enough trading activities. Nonetheless, PWON’s position still near its previous high would seem be able to dampen this upswing.upswing.


Sell on strength

S2 S1 Level R1 R2
1,850 1,935 2,030 2,100 2,200

SGRO moved in the positive territory at the level of IDR 2,030 last week. But so, a position at its diagonal resistance and also a thin trading volume would potentially limit the upside potential for SGRO.


Sell on strength

S2 S1 Level R1 R2
1,700 1,760 1,830 1,900 2,000

SMRA was still in the positiv e side but only followed by a formation of a long legged doji in which indicating a profit taking potential during the next trading session.


Buy on weakness

S2 S1 Level R1 R2
9,500 10,000 10,600 11,000 11,500

PTBA again continued the w eak movement with a close at the level of IDR 10,600 in which possibly maintaining the negative trend toward the lower band of a downtrend.

* This report is for informational purposes only. This report is exclusively published for the use of Kiwoom Securities clients, and may not be reproduced or distributed. While the information was collected from secure sources, Kiwoom Security does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information. Kiwoom Securities bears no liability for any losses that may occur from investments based on the information provided in this report.


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