Daily Research 28 Mei 2015

Positive Market.

S2 S1 IDX R1 R2
5,200 5,225 5,253.6 5,269 5,292
  • A positive Dow Jones and global markets would send in the support.
  • The IDX moved lower with the break on support and appearing foreign selling actions yesterday. But so, the IDX’s position near its minor support would slow the downturn.
  • Therefore, we predict that the IDX would be in the positive side today.

Daily Research:


Buy on weakness

S2 S1 Level R1 R2
11,000 11,600 11,950 12,475 12,950

BBRI still moved lower but with an inverted hammer and a presence of a support in which could limit the downturn.


Sell on strength

S2 S1 Level R1 R2
6,650 6,850 7,200 7,650 8,000

INDF still moved higher yesterday. Nonetheless, a presence of its diagonal resistance would dampen this upswing potentially.


Buy on weakness

S2 S1 Level R1 R2
1,650 1,700 1,740 1,800 1,840

KLBF took a correction wit h the break on support in which could lead to a further downturn.


Buy on weakness

S2 S1 Level R1 R2
20,400 21,200 22,100 23,000 23,925

UNTR moved in the negative s ide with a close near its diagonal support. A break on support would once again create a negative potential.

* This report is for informational purposes only. This report is exclusively published for the use of Kiwoom Securities clients, and may not be reproduced or distributed. While the information was collected from secure sources, Kiwoom Security does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information. Kiwoom Securities bears no liability for any losses that may occur from investments based on the information provided in this report.


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