Kiwoom Trader 03 Juli 2015


Dow Jones industrial average melemah 27.8 poin, atau 0.16%, pada 17,730.11. Nasdaq Composite turun 3.91 poin, atau 0.08%, pada 5,009.21. Wall Street bergerak relatif melemah pada hari Kamis di tengah kekhawatiran pada krisis Yunani dan mixednya data pekerjaan yang dapat menghambat pertumbuhan.

Stock Closing Rec. S2 S1 R1 R2
ASRI 570 Speculative buy 540 555 605 630
BSDE 1,715 Sell on strength 1,600 1,660 1,760 1,800
INTP 21,800 Sell on strength 20,000 21,000 22,500 23,425
WIKA 2,895 Sell on strength 2,700 2,800 3,050 3,175

*This report is for informational purposes only. This report is exclusively published for the use of Kiwoom Securities clients, and may not be reproduced or distributed. While the information was collected from secure sources, Kiwoom Security does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information. Kiwoom Securities bears no liability for any losses that may occur from investments based on the information provided in this report.


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