Daily Research 30 Maret 2016

Negative Market.

S2 S1 IDX R1 R2
4,725 4,798 4,750 4,800 4,827
  • A positive Dow Jones and several regional markets would expectedly send in the support.
  • The IDX ended the trading relatively higher but in the middle of resuming foreign selling sentiment yesterday that could slow down the upside potential.
  • Therefore, we predict that the IDX would be in the positive side today.

Daily Research:


Speculative buy

S2 S1 Level R1 R2
1,150 1,240 1,270 1,350 7,400

CTRA edged higher after taking pressure in last several days so that could create a rebound


Sell on strength

S2 S1 Level R1 R2
1,620 1,675 1,740 1,790 1,865

LSIP ended the trading in a flat range with a formation of a shooting star near a resistance that could push for a correction.


Buy on weakness

S2 S1 Level R1 R2
7,000 7,300 7,375 8,100 8,800

SILO closed the session lower near its long term support and an oversold RSI trend that could
potentially limit the weak trend.


Speculative buy

S2 S1 Level R1 R2
39,950 41,550 42,975 43,950 45,400

WTON moved higher supported by a high enough volume that could lead to another positive movement today.

* This report is for informational purposes only. This report is exclusively published for the use of Kiwoom Securities clients, and may not be reproduced or distributed. While the information was collected from secure sources, Kiwoom Security does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information. Kiwoom Securities bears no liability for any losses that may occur from investments based on the information provided in this report.


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