S2            S1          IDX          R1         R2
6,181.9  6,279.5  6,371.2   6,445.9   6,500.0

 Dow Jones closed 16.7 point lower at 25,369.1 levels.
 Regional market traded sideways with lower tendency as investors realized profits.
 Energy prices remained at high levels expected to continue support IDX today.
 IDX’s candlestick formed “inverted hammer” pattern which indicates selling pressure  to continue today. However chances on Moody’s credit rating outlook for Indonesia from “Stable” previously to “Positive” expected to bring positive sentiments today.
 In all we expect IDX to trade mixed with lower tendency

BBRI Sell on Strength
S2        S1    Level     R1        R2
3,370  3,460 3,530  3,600    3,720

BBRI closed the session lower break below diagonal support with higher volume indicating a further downturn.

DOID Speculative Buy
S2       S1       Level      R1      R2
770    840        905      950    1,030

DOID ended the session higher with a bullish engulfing candle formation and a high enough volume indicating a further favorable opportunity.

ELSA Trading Buy
S2       S1       Level       R1        R2
372     394      420        432        446

ELSA closed the session higher after break above resistance with high enough volume indicating another upside potential.

ICBP  Buy on Weakness
S2         S1       Level       R1             R2
8,450   8,600   8,725     9,000         9,125

SMGR ended the trading negatively with higher volume and a presence of its several support levels that could dampen a further downside movement.


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