Daily Research 27 April 2018

S2 S1 IDX R1 R2
5,749.2 5,840.9 5,909.2 6,134.0 6,246.1
  • Dow Jones closed 1% higher at 24,322 backed by tech stocks such as Facebook and AMD on better than expected 1Q 2018 earnings while US treasury yield stood around 3% ahead of 1-2 May FOMC meeting.
  • Regional market traded positive this morning as two Korean leader meets.
  • IDX dropped below 6,000 psychological levels which further confirm end of strong uptrend since late 2015.
  • We expect IDX to trade IHSG mixed with positive tendency today backed by positive regional market. IDX have a chance to get technical rebound today as sharp decline within the last 3 trading days creates buying opportunities.

Buy On Weakness

S2 S1 Level R1 R2
1,800 1,915 1,995 2,130 2,230

ADRO moved down during the las several days but with the presences of several support in which could limit the downturn.



S2 S1 Level R1 R2
775 805 830 865 900

ANTM closed below its recent low. A further downside would remain possible if ANTM break its diagonal support may trigger price correction.


Sell on Strength

S2 S1 Level R1 R2
1,665 1,700 1,720 1,820 1,875

BSDE ended the trading negatively with higher volume after break below diagonal support indicating a further downturn.


Buy on Weakness

S2 S1 Level R1 R2
3,370 3,510 3,650 3,880 4,000

HMSP continued the weak turn with presence of several support that could slow down the current downswing.


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