Daily Research 27 Juni 2018

S2 S1 IDX R1 R2
5,664.5 5,780.9 5,825.6 5,946.5 6,068.3
  • European and American market traded mixed as the market digest global trade issues. Dow Jones gained 0.1% at 24,283.1 as General Electric shares rebound.
  • Regional market traded sideways today.
  • Crude oil price rise above US$ 70 per barrel backed by strong global demand.
  • IDX’s candlestick formed shooting star pattern near recent low level at 5,821. A break below would trigger further price correction.
  • We expect IDX to trade lower today as investor tend to wait and see further development of global trade issue and results of regional election today.

Trading Buy

S2 S1 Level R1 R2
6,250 6,525 6,700 6,950 7,225

ASII ended the session higher with a bullish engulfing suggesting a favorable potential.


Sell on Strength

S2 S1 Level R1 R2
3,460 3,580 3,720 3,840 3,950

CPIN closed the session higher near resistance with a thin volume that could limit the upswing.


Buy on Weakness

S2 S1 Level R1 R
21,175 22,350 22,775 24,100 25,525

ITMG remain in the weak side during a few days in a row. A weak potential would carry on its recent low and support are broken down.


Trading Buy

S2 S1 Level R1 R2
426 448 500 525 550

KRAS closed the session higher after break above diagonal resistance with higher volume indicating another upside potential.


Daily Research 31 Mei 2018

S2 S1 IDX R1 R2
5,854.6 5,946.5 6,011.0 6,138.1 6,240.6
  • Dow Jones gained 1.3% managed to close at 24,668 backed by increase in Boeing, Chevron, and Home Depot shares.
  • Regional market traded positive this morning following strong lead from European and US markets with AORD gained 0.6%, Kospi up by 0.5%, and Nikkei225 up by 0.4%.
  • IDX on a profit taking session with its candlestick formed inverted hammer and bearish harami pattern which indicates another correction today.
  • Although supported by strong regional market, however we expect IDX to trade mixed today ahead of long weekend holiday.

Sell On Strength

S2 S1 Level R1 R2
2,940 3,070 3,140 3,350 3,450

BBRI ended the trading negatively with higher volume after failed to break above horizontal resistance indicating a further downturn.


Trading Buy

S2 S1 Level R1 R2
2,800 2,800 3,220 3,350 3,490

HRUM closed the session higher with long white candle pattern after break above resistance line with higher volume indicating another upside potential.


Trading Buy

S2 S1 Level R1 R
1,870 2,000 2,530 2,570 2,740

KAEF closed the session higher with long white candle pattern after break above horizontal resistance with higher volume indicating another upside potential.



S2 S1 Level R1 R2
3,430 3,580 3,780 3,950 4,050

PTBA has a chance to continue rally after ended trading with high volume. The rally will valid if PTBA could break above diagonal resistance.

Kiwoom Trader 30 Mei 2018

Bursa Eropa dan Amerika turun seiring kekuatiran pasar atas krisis Italia yang memicu kenaikan tingkat imbal hasil obligasi Pemerintah Italia yang turut mempengaruhi obligasi di kawasan Eropa. Dow Jones turun 1.6% pada level 24,361 seiring penurunan saham sektor keuangan yang dipimpin oleh koreksi saham Morgan Stanley dan JP Morgan. Bursa regional turun pagi ini dengan Nikkei225 turun 1.7% diikuti oleh Kospi turun 1.2% dan AORD turun 0.8%. IHSG kembali menguat didukung aksi beli investor asing seiring langkah BI melakukan emergency meeting hari ini dimana kami memperkirakan RDG akan meningkatkan tingkat bunga acuan sebesar 25 basis point menjadi 4.75%. Kami memperkirakan IHSG bergerak mixed karena sentimen rebound dibayangi aksi profit taking serta sentimen negatif dari bursa Eropa.

Stock Closing Rec. S2 S1 R1 R2
BBNI 8,575 Trading Buy 7,500 7,875 8,850 9,250
BBTN 3,240 Trading Buy 2,830 2,940 3,360 3,510
BSDE 1,750 Sell on Strength 1,665 1,710 1,780 1,845
LPCK 2,210 Trading Buy 1,400 1,670 2,400 2,750